Jim Faulkner

Jim Faulkner studied at the Bryant School of Art in Virginia prior to attending Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana.  Receiving both undergraduate and Master’s degrees at BSU, Faulkner taught there for thirteen years following a two year stint at Boise State University. During this time, he taught and practiced contemporary abstract art. Near the end of his college teaching in 1977, Faulkner returned to his background of realistic watercolor and sculpture. He found there a search for the essence of what he believes and feels to be truth.

I paint the meadows, woods, homesteads, towns, and people of the mid-west, trying to find meaning in the stillness of an abandoned farm, or the quiet of a snow-covered wood, or even the aging of the human face. If I find that meaning and quality, the painting is worthwhile to me and I hope, to the viewers of my work.

He paints full time at the country homestead he shares with his wife, Eleanor, and various cats and dogs. His studio is in a restored barn. He has received numerous awards throughout his painting career and is one of the most collected and well-known artists of east central Indiana.