Kim Anderson

An award winning artist, Kim Anderson maintains her studio and kilns in Hartford City, Indiana, where she lives. She has vigorously exhibited both sculptures and pottery in numerous galleries, museums, and national & international exhibits. Using the female figure to explore the concept of woman as vessel, Anderson is widely known for her goddess cups, vases, and sculptures that pay tribute to the famous original, Venus of Willendorf, to which Anderson adds surface design, fish, and other embellishments. Anderson holds an MFA from Wichita State University in ceramics.

My sculptures and vessels are based on issues that surround the mystery of human existence, origin, and feminine nature in relationship to the environment. Referencing archeological excavations and cycles of renewal and decay, the work examines ideas about evolution and mythic belief. I am influenced by two spheres of thought: the physical sciences and the human psyche. I find that science considers facts, and the psyche discloses the mysteries of life. Using the female form, my childhood house, pods, roots, tubers, monkeys and chimpanzees, and mounds of earth, I attempt to create a space for the viewer to interact and contemplate fundamental relationships. I am not searching for truth, but for a secret.