Paul Laseau

Paul Laseau is an artist, architect, educator, and author whose work is based on extensive tabel in Europe, the Far East, Canada, and the United States. He began painting in watercolor media in 1992 on a trip to the Greek Islands. He brought a painting observation kills developed through 35 years of experience in freehand sketching and photography of mostly architectural subjects. The intersection of nature and man-made structures continues to be the dominant focus of his paintings based on subsequent travels to the coasts of Greece, Italy, France, England, New England, and the Maritime Provinces of Canada.

“I continue to be fascinated by the historical response of humans to the forces of nature- land, water, sun… as they continue to define appropriate human habitat. I was drawn to watercolor because the medium supports a fluid, spontaneous approach to painting compatible with me temperament. While my approach to painting involves forethought or planning, there is a pleasurable flow to the work that would be ruined by the extended ‘massaging’ of a painting. For me, the value of painting lies more in the process than in the end result.”

Paul is professor emeritus in architecture at Ball State University with over 25 years experience teaching freehand sketching and design drawing. He is author of: Freehand SketchingVisual Notes (with Norman Crowe); Graphic Thinking for Architects and DesignersGraphic Problem Solving for Architects; and The Handbook of Architectural Representation. He has offered workshops, presentations, and exhibits on freehand sketching, design, drawing, and watercolor painting at several universities in the United States and Europe.