Lorance: Negotiating the Curve

Voluptuous bronze and glass sculptures and fantastical egg tempera paintings will be the featured exhibit for the month of July at Gordy Fine Art and Framing Co. in downtown Muncie. The show is set to open on the first Wednesday of the month, July 3rd.

Exhibitor Cheryl Anne Lorance is a Ball State University graduate who just moved back to her home state after living the artist’s life in Santa Fe for 16 years. She will be hanging lush and precise egg tempera paintings, full of fantastical elements and a sense of mystery. The productive artist admits to a strong influence by Magical Realism and the new Objectivity, which seats magical elements in a mundane or normal setting. Adding to the mystery, the multi-talented Lorance will display biomorphic, undulating sculptures that bulge and twist beneath delightful patinas. One hangs from cables, adding an element of surprise and concern.  Another resembles internal organs, dipped in dark chocolate and displayed on a metal base. Beautiful, yet unidentifiable, the pieces invite a somewhat dark curiosity mixed with playfulness, causing viewers to ask, “What is it? A pod, a bug, or a sea creature?”


The active Lorance is currently part of a public art project in Indianapolis called, “Go Ahead and Play,” sponsored by Women’s Funds of Indiana. This event will feature twenty pianos that have been transformed by local artists and displayed in public places in Indianapolis throughout August.

Lorance has also been invited to begin teaching at the Indianapolis Art Center this summer.

The reception hours are 5 to 8 PM. The award-winning artist will speak about her work and answer questions at 6 PM. The public is invited to attend.


Jun 2013
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