6 Holiday Gift Ideas That Will Make You a Hero!

Often our most valuable family treasures are hidden in boxes because they are too fragile to be displayed.  Sometimes they are grimy and in poor condition from being improperly stored in attics and basements.  Gordy Fine Art and Framing specializes in rescuing such objects and designing special frames or cases so they can be displayed safely for years to come.

1   Rescue historical family photographs that appear to be ruined

After years of being stored in a damp environment, important photographs and their original frames get musty.  Often we can disassemble the frame and give the photograph a careful surface cleaning.  In the case pictured here, we were also able to save the original frame by tightening the miters, filling in lost details, and touching up abrasions.  Finally we reassemble everything with ultra-violet filtered glass that will protect it from harmful sunlight.


2    Recognize and honor proud military service

Ranks, badges, medals, ribbons, and ceremonial sabers are usually designed to be worn on the uniform.  These can be arranged in a display frame giving proper recognition to proud military service.


3    Recall the memories of youth

Youthful memories are often represented by the music we listened to.  Album cover art is an important cultural statement that makes terrific wall decorations and reminds us of much more than just the music we have grown up with.



4   Connect to previous generations by preserving handmade crafts and works of art

Handmade objects like this delicate papercutting are important connections to our loved ones especially if the maker has passed away.  A well-crafted frame using archival materials will preserve it for a lifetime.


5   Pass important family heirlooms from one generation to the next

This skirt was made by a client’s father out of a parachute by removing threads in the woven silk fabric.  She remembers playing dress-up with it as a child making it important across the generations.


6   Recognize and honor lifetime achievements. 

Professional achievements and community service is often rewarded with medallions, ribbons and certificates.  These can be arranged in a display frame giving proper recognition to a lifetime of service.


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