Pathway into Autumn

by Andrew Hubbard

Our two most compelling symbols

The pathway which is
Freedom and discovery,

And the fence which is
Boundary and restraint,

Blend them,
Border them with trees,
Focus them with light

And you have the gift
Of ancient Chinese wisdom—
Tao, the Middle Way

All About the Land: Pastels of David Dale and Poetry of Andrew Hubbard

Artist David Dale, well-known for his deep concern for the environment and natural resources, has partnered with Andrew Hubbard, who has published two books of poetry reflecting on the connectivity of humanity and nature. Their project is titled All About the Land: Pastels of David Dale and Poetry of Andrew Hubbard.  An exhibition will open to the public at Gordy Fine Art and Framing Company on September 7, 2017.  Proceeds from sale of the work will benefit Red-tail Land Conservancy.

“We at Gordy are so pleased to be a part of this project to highlight and support the important work of Red-tail,” said Gordy owners Barbara and Carl Schafer. “We are equally pleased to be the venue to welcome David Dale back to Muncie.”

Hubbard and Dale met in Nashville, Indiana where he moved after his retirement from David Dale Designs several years ago. They were neighbors and active members of the creative community there.  Dale has since moved back to Muncie and asked Hubbard to partner with him in the creative community here.

Their art is inspired by visits to Red-tail lands, now totaling more than 2,600 acres at 36 sites in East-Central Indiana counties. “I work in the studio, but painting outdoors is my passion,” said Dale. “For each image, there is a poem by Andy sharing the same subject. Sometimes my painting responds to his poem, and other times, his poem responds to my painting. They will be exhibited side by side.”

“The experience of working in these remarkable settings is intensely rewarding,” Hubbard adds. “We hope that the works will enable you to participate in the vibrancy of a special place and time.”

Red-tail Land Conservancy’s mission is to preserve, protect, and restore natural areas and farm land in east central Indiana while increasing awareness of our natural heritage.  “We hope Dale and Hubbard’s portrayals of these preserved sites will inspire Hoosiers to appreciate the splendor of nature and join Red-tail in its mission,” said Red-tail’s Education and Outreach Coordinator Julie Borgmann.

“I look forward to any opportunity to walk in our woods, and love to accompany David and Andy on their visits,” said Executive Director Barry Banks. “I can’t wait to see the Red-tail renderings that will emerge in the coming months.”

David Dale is well-known in East Central Indiana and beyond for his years as an interior designer, and now paints full time. He studied art at the Fort Wayne School and Museum and has taught in the Ball State University School of Art. His major exhibits include, River Odyssey, Two Artists Follow the Wabash, and Oakhurst Gardnens through the Seasons. He has received numerous awards in competitions, including those hosted by The Hoosier Salon, Indiana Heritage Arts, Richmond Art Museum, and Minnetrista.

Andrew Hubbard holds degrees in Creative Writing from Dartmouth College and Columbia University.  For most of his career, he worked as Director of Training for a number of major financial institutions. He is a well-known speaker on the topic of corporate training and has authored three books and dozens of articles on the subject. He has published two books of poetry, Things That Get You, and The Divining Rod, both through Interactive Press.

Charles Prendergast Inspired Gilded Keepsake Box

A fine gilded box inspired by early 20th century frame maker Charles Prendergast

A nearby corporate client recently called with a challenge that allowed our imaginations to jump the tracks. A beloved, longtime colleague was retiring, and they asked us to create a keepsake box that would contain handwritten memories and wishes from those she had worked with for many years.

Naturally, we applied techniques used when decorating frames. The design for the keepsake box was inspired by Charles Prendergast, who created highly-prized, original frames at the Carrig-Rohane frame shop that he co-founded in Boston in the early 20th century. Prendergast was a pioneer of the Arts and Crafts Movement that placed an emphasis on designs highlighting the human touch.

The keepsake box was water-gilded with 12K white gold after layers of red clay were applied underneath. We used a sharp stylus to scratch the design in the gold and through the clay. This process is called granito and is completed by rubbing gently through the gold so the red clay peeks through, especially along the scratch lines. Blue pigment was used to highlight the floral design.

We are grateful to those who entrusted us with this important job — what a great gift that could be used for so many occasions including weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, and graduations.