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After successful completion of an unusual project, one of our favorite clients surprised us with a generous testimonial.  Thanks Dave Snyder

Dave writes,  “One of my hobbies is collecting vintage brass engineering, scientific and nautical instruments.

The first instrument that I collected was a Crosby steam throttle and pressure gage calibration instrument patented in 1903. I bought it for $25.00.  After some investigation I found the serial number which indicated it was the first production model made by the company.  What a treasure!

Recently I purchased an original pressure gage for this instrument.  It had decades of tarnish which I removed with a bench buffer, jeweler’s rouge and plenty of elbow grease. I finally got the polishing completed so that it shined like brand new. Then a tragedy occurred when I dropped it and cracked the glass crystal. I was crestfallen. How was I going to repair and replace the glass and where was I going to get it?

Then I got a scathingly brilliant idea. I had worked with Carl Schafer on two unique projects that used his expertise and craftsmanship. I was very satisfied with the products that Carl produced for me and I called him to see if he could help. A week later I picked up the repaired pressure gage and it was perfect. Now whenever I need an excellent craftsman, I know that Carl is my “go to guy” and I will call him first.”

Dave Snyder


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Apr 2018
AUTHOR Barbara Schafer


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