Antique Frame Reproduction

Framemaker and Carl Schafer is skilled in historical frame reproduction using traditional decorating techniques including hand-carving, sgraffito, granito, and the application of compo ornaments. Such projects often require water-gilding with genuine gold leaf.  12k (White Gold), 16k (Pale Gold), 18k (Lemon Gold), or 23-24k (Deep Gold).

We are most experienced in reproducing American frames (American Impressionist, Art Nouveau, Taos), with a focus on reproductions of specific designs by the great American framemakers including Whistler, Prendergast, Harer, Hassam, and Sully.

A limited number of examples of our work can be viewed in our portfolio. While many of these are available in our showroom, our clients often come to us with ideas and photographs knowing that Gordy Fine Art and Framing Company will apply a refined sensitivity to the work of art being framed.  Our conversations always cover recommendations concerning appropriate style, time-period, color, and the level of distress. This attention to meticulous detail will make frame appear to be original to the work of art.

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