Corey Hagelberg

Corey Hagelberg received a BFA in sculpture in 2006 and an MA in printmaking in 2011, both from Ball State University. Through various practices, his work consistently explores the detrimental impact of human life on the environment. He currently lives in his hometown, Gary, Indiana, where he is a board member of the Miller Beach Arts and Creative District and Co-founder of The Calumet Artist Residency.

Almost all of the conveniences of the current human lifestyle are dependent on unthinkable acts of environmental destruction that are often overlooked or shoved under the carpet.  I have chosen to bring these acts to the foreground and make them the subject matter of my work.  I have chosen to use this work as a vehicle to examine these acts in relation to my own.  I have chosen to do this through the depiction of actual accounts of the destruction of the environment with the woodcut medium and by making art with the objects that are usually disregarded. It is my hope that creating this art will encourage myself and the viewer to look at the situations and objects that I depict in new ways and incite a discussion that acts as a catalyst for improvement within myself and society.