Eric Ernstberger

Eric Ernstberger, a Muncie, Indiana resident, is a native to extreme southern Indiana’s unglaciated landscape which stands in bold contrast to the flat unforested terrain of the state’s better known midsection. His love for painting, drawing, and the arts was influenced by the physical attributes of this unique landscape and further evolved by the professions he has chosen to pursue for the last three decades. Eric is a registered site architect and founding partner of Rundell Ernstberger Associates, the region’s largest urban design and site architectural firm with offices in Muncie, IN, Indianapolis, IN, and Louisville, KY. His vivid expressionistic paintings in acrylic on paper are spontaneous, free flowing images of landscapes, objects, persons, and events which offer intense abstraction or new perspectives on familiar subjects. Eric’s works are in a number of private and corporate collections in Indiana and Ohio.