ArtsWalk 2013 – Putting It All Together

A style show for ArtsWalk? As soon as Patricia Nelson mentioned it, we were sold.

Nelson is super talented, professional, and easy to work with, and the idea of a style show on the biggest night of the Muncie art gallery year sounded perfect for our space. After all, these weren’t “off the rack” styles to be modeled, but high art that just happens to be wonderfully wearable.

Nelson and her longtime collaborator, Grand Rapids artist Ann Baddeley Keister, will present garments created from recycled Japanese kimono fabrics and corresponding jewelry pieces by Nelson. The pair had discovered, early in their friendship, that they shared an aesthetic of color and pattern, along with a deep appreciation for Bauhaus design principles.

Months of long-distance dialogue took place as each artist constructed her portion of the collection. “The production of both garment and accompanying jewelry piece occurred simultaneously, allowing for much give and take in the process.”

According to Nelson, “Size and scale are important issues; a certain drama is sought but wearability is paramount.” These pieces were constructed “to hang and flex without being heavy, to skim the figure and be appropriate for a number of body types.” Even though each artist worked in her own technical and material specialty, “both jewelry and garments are products of intense dialogue regarding formal, conceptual, and aesthetic decisions” between the two women.

Rotating Fans Ensemble

Runway shows will take place at 5:30 and 6:30 PM on Thursday, October 3, 2013. Seating is limited, but the models will mingle in the gallery between shows.

Oct 2013
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