Frames by Us That Will Blow Your MIND

Gordy Fine Art & Framing Company to spotlight new frames inspired by historical designs, gilded and hand-decorated by our shop’s craftsmen.

Gordy Fine Art & Framing Company is one of a few picture framing studios in the Midwest that offers handmade, hand-gilded, and hand-decorated frames made from locally milled wood. During the month of September, our gallery will feature new frames made from original and historical designs as well as a restored antique frame from our collection.

Examples on view will demonstrate many traditional techniques used for decorating picture frames.  These include gilding with 24K gold leaf and 12K white gold leaf, carving, sgraffito, granito, and compo ornaments.  Also included will be more modern designs which are less decorative with the focus on form and surface such as wood grain, metal leaf, or other laminate.  “Gordy Framing has a long history of reproducing historical designs, creating original designs, and offering museum quality work restoring antique frames,” said owner Carl Schafer.  “We are carrying on the tradition and adding to the portfolio established by Brian Gordy, the company’s founder.”  On view will be frames inspired by Dutch and Italian renaissance styles, 19th century French and American styles, the Arts and Crafts Movement of the early 20th century, and contemporary American styles.

Gordy Fine Art and Framing Company promotes talented artists, provides appraisals, and offers expert design and craftsmanship for framing and displaying treasured family possessions and works of art. Business hours: Monday through Friday, 9 am – 5:30 pm, Saturday, 9 am – 3 pm. Gordy Fine Art and Framing Company is located at 224 East Main Street, next door to Muncie Civic Theatre.  For more information, visit or call 765-284-8422.


Aug 2019
AUTHOR Barbara Schafer


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Kendalville Blacksmith Shop

Let GORDY help tell your STORY

This photo was taken in Kendalville, Indiana around 1900 and shows the blacksmiths, farriers, and stable hand that helped G. Bertsch shoe animals. In fact, a horse pops his head out the door. We believe the gentleman in the bowler hat to be the owner, a grandfather to our client’s husband. Our client needed three of these photos framed as Christmas gifts for her husband and two sons.

We worked with our client to craft an ideal framing solution to help showcase this family story. A dark beige mat compliments the warm tones of the sepia photograph. The black core or edging of the mat helps the dark areas in the photo (such as the interior of the building and the darker paint under the white lettering) pop out which visually draws you into the photo. A thin wood frame laminated to resemble old rusty iron edging with nails was selected. Shoeing animals whether it be a horse or ox was dirty, smelly, dusty and hot work. Metal shoes were fit and nailed onto the hooves of animals. This frame gives recognition to the materials used in shoeing, thus visually complements the story the photo tells.


Mar 2019
AUTHOR Barbara Schafer


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Framing in the Arts and Crafts style from the early 20th Century

The Arts and Crafts Movement from the early 20th Century valued things made by hand. This frame was built up from raw wood. It is a solid oak frame typical of the style with simple overlap joint and black stained buttons on the corners. Here it is receiving its final wax coat.


My favorite moments in our shop come when we don’t have what the customer wants. Recently, a client came to us with two photographs. He was an enthusiast of the Arts and Crafts Movement of the early 20th Century and asked what frames we had to offer in that style. It soon became obvious that he was looking for something very specific that I could only make by hand with a custom finish. The two photographs were views inside the Roycroft Community which was a reformist group of craftworkers near Buffalo, New York.

The group was strongly allied with the Arts and Crafts Movement, known for simple elegance and high quality craftsmanship. Because the movement was a reaction against mass production, it was always very important to see evidence of the human hand-work in unusual joining techniques, carving, inlays, and small imperfections. As my discussion with the client progressed, it was clear that only a handmade frame would be acceptable.

What resulted is a solid oak frame with simple overlap joints and black stained buttons on the corners which I lovingly tapped with a heavy hammer to show the human touch.

We are glad to now continue offering this frame. There are many Arts and Crafts style homes in this part of the country where frames like this would be entirely appropriate.

— Carl Schafer, Owner

Mar 2017
AUTHOR braydee

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6 Holiday Gift Ideas That Will Make You a Hero!

Often our most valuable family treasures are hidden in boxes because they are too fragile to be displayed.  Sometimes they are grimy and in poor condition from being improperly stored in attics and basements.  Gordy Fine Art and Framing specializes in rescuing such objects and designing special frames or cases so they can be displayed safely for years to come.

1   Rescue historical family photographs that appear to be ruined

After years of being stored in a damp environment, important photographs and their original frames get musty.  Often we can disassemble the frame and give the photograph a careful surface cleaning.  In the case pictured here, we were also able to save the original frame by tightening the miters, filling in lost details, and touching up abrasions.  Finally we reassemble everything with ultra-violet filtered glass that will protect it from harmful sunlight.


2    Recognize and honor proud military service

Ranks, badges, medals, ribbons, and ceremonial sabers are usually designed to be worn on the uniform.  These can be arranged in a display frame giving proper recognition to proud military service.


3    Recall the memories of youth

Youthful memories are often represented by the music we listened to.  Album cover art is an important cultural statement that makes terrific wall decorations and reminds us of much more than just the music we have grown up with.



4   Connect to previous generations by preserving handmade crafts and works of art

Handmade objects like this delicate papercutting are important connections to our loved ones especially if the maker has passed away.  A well-crafted frame using archival materials will preserve it for a lifetime.


5   Pass important family heirlooms from one generation to the next

This skirt was made by a client’s father out of a parachute by removing threads in the woven silk fabric.  She remembers playing dress-up with it as a child making it important across the generations.


6   Recognize and honor lifetime achievements. 

Professional achievements and community service is often rewarded with medallions, ribbons and certificates.  These can be arranged in a display frame giving proper recognition to a lifetime of service.


Dec 2016
AUTHOR braydee

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Water Gilded Italian Mannerist Frame

Despite being difficult to capture in photos, the finishing touches on our water gilded frames make all the difference. This morning, Brian added centuries of age to this Italian Mannerist frame with rottenstone before pairing it with its new oil painting other half.


italian mannerist frame

Apr 2014
AUTHOR braydee

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Nov 2013
AUTHOR braydee

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October Frame of the Month

October FOM

October’s featured frame of the month is one of our FAVORITE mouldings. This 2 5/8″ in wide frame is veneered in olive wood making it a versatile style perfect for mirrors, photo portraits, still lifes, and landscapes. The moulding is also deep enough to be used for memorabilia framing and shadowbox designs. As with all of our Frame of the Month mouldings, this ROMA frame is available in any size at 40% off regular retail price throughout the month of October. Call in orders can be shipped if prepaid.  24 hr. turnaround available as long as supplies hold out!

Oct 2013
AUTHOR braydee

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August Frame of the Month – American Impressionist

A 3” wide American Impressionist style frame in antique silver or antique gold finish. Perfect fit for plein air landscape, still life, or portrait/figurative paintings. Available in any size at special pricing (46% off) for the month of August only. Call in orders can be shipped if prepaid.  24 hr. turnaround available as long as supplies hold out!

august frame of the month 2

Standard size price list:

8 x 10 –   $59.64

11 x 14 – $67.10

16 x 20 – $82.01

18 x 24 – $104.38

Custom sizes available – same (per foot) pricing.

august frame of the month


Jul 2013
AUTHOR braydee

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