First Thursday: Annual Print Show

In what has become an annual affair, Gordy Fine Art & Framing will exhibit the work of local printmakers for the month of February 2015. Veteran printmaker, David Johnson, an art professor at Ball State University, will exhibit alongside former student and GFAF represented artist, Corey Hagelberg. Johnson has chosen two current students to join them as well: Erin McAtee and Riley Byrnes.

David Johnson, "Homage to George Orwell"

David Johnson, “Homage to George Orwell”

Widely recognized for his colorful impressions of animals, Johnson is a long-time fan of life-drawing and subsequently an avid County Fair goer. He cites “the long line of a horse’s back,” “the funny positions of sleeping pigs,” and “the fluid lines of goats and sheep,” as “great opportunities for your pencil to roam and coast rhythmically.” Where one might be content with the drawings as final works of art, Johnson appreciates the ability of printmaking to democratize the fragility and impermanence of drawing. Both the etching and woodcut processes lend his images a richness and strength respectively that can be difficult to achieve otherwise.

Corey hagelberg, "Electric Dunes"

Corey Hagelberg, “Electric Dunes”

Hagelberg graduated from BSU in 2006 with his BFA in Sculpture, In 2008, he co-founded a playground construction company that allowed him to build hundreds of playgrounds while traveling to 30 different states as well as Guam. Two years later, he returned to BSU for grad school and received his Masters of Art in Printmaking. Upon graduation, he purchased property in the Miller Beach community of his hometown, Gary, IN. A life spent growing up in the Indiana Dunes State Park and his mission to restore glory to the area both culturally and environmentally provide much of the content for his woodcuts. In addition to raising awareness about local environmental issues with his artwork, he serves as a board member for Miller Beach Arts & Creative District and co-founded the Calumet Artist Residency to enrich the community and provide resources for other working artists.

A reception for the artists will be held First Thursday, February 5th, 2015, from 5 to 8 PM at the downtown gallery. Artists will be on hand and a short talk will be given at 6:15 PM. Light refreshments will be served, and the public is invited to attend. Gordy Fine Art & Framing is located at 224 East Main Street. For more information, call (765)284-8422.

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New Edition: Prints by Dave + Sarojini Johnson

Prints are hot, and the wintertime Annual Print Exhibit at Gordy Fine Art and Framing will feature woodcut prints and etchings by two Ball State University printmaking professors. David and Sarojini Johnson are known both for their own signature styles and for the number of students following their example as professionals in the field. With more than fifty years of combined teaching, the duo continues to hone their artistic skills. “The woodcuts, etchings, and artist’s books in this show represent some of their best work,” notes Brian Gordy.

Topknots and Polka Dots

David’s woodcuts often depict humans or animals – cows, pigs, crows – in large color block scenes, fair barns, streetscapes, or fast food establishments. Sarojini’s pieces are known for an exotic flavor, where plants and insects, frogs and lilies are poised in colorful, dark, dreamlike garden scenes, decorative ribbons running around edges. In “Frog and Lily,” a blue-green spotted frog competes with orange and red flowers for center stage. David’s “Topknots and Polka Dots” depicts a seated woman who appears to be relaxing in a corner of the printmaking room at Ball State University – home office for the Johnson duo.

The two artists engage different methods to arrive at their compositions. Sarojini employs intaglio, mastering the process in tight, rich details that are etched out of a metal plate. The plate is then inked and run through a press to create a single print at a time. David’s relief prints, cut by hand, often include color blocks of street scenes or observed moments of contemporary life. His artistic method of choice is relief printing, where wood or linoleum is carved away, leaving desired areas that then receive ink and are printed onto special papers. Each color requires either a different carved block or the same block, cut out a bit more after each color application.

The opening reception for “New Edition” will be held Thursday, February 6, 2014 from 5 to 8 PM at the downtown art gallery. Light refreshments will be served and the artists will be introduced at 6:15 PM for a short talk, and to answer questions about the work. The exhibit will continue through February 28, 2014, and may also be viewed during normal business hours or by appointment.