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Carol Burt is an artist who expresses her unique voice and personality in ceramic art.  Her command of forming clay has earned her recognition as an Indiana Artisan where she represents Muncie’s artistic vibrancy around the state.  Her skill in decorating through paints, glazes, carving, sgraffito, etc., seems limitless. 

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She is active in a collegial group of 1-2 dozen ceramic artists at the John Peterson Studio north of Muncie.  Muncie is known as a center for ceramic art in large part because of the Bethel Pike Pottery led by Mr. Peterson and Alan Patrick.  Carol Burt is one of the more accomplished members of this second generation of artists who regularly make work together and are influenced by each other.  

Burt known for her pottery has also started showcasing her lighthearted paintings that will bring a smile to your face.   “I’m known more as a potter than a painter, but the success of my pottery comes from my training as a painter. Painting was my first love, and when I realized I could apply those skills to my thrown forms, I ended up with the best of both worlds!” says Burt.

As a former graduate student at Ball State University, she continues to be active in the academic environment thinking of herself as a lifelong learner and staying involved with current students.  

Burt is also a K-5 art teacher in Muncie Community Schools at East Washington Academy since 2009.  She has served on the board of the Art Education Association of Indiana for nine years.  She teaches a full curriculum of 2D and 3D techniques including ceramics, watercolor, pencil, pen and ink, mosaic, printmaking, pastel, and assemblage, as well as art history.  Beyond her regular class load, she also runs a program called “Special Art” for particularly talented visual art students in 3rd-5th grades. 

Her awards include Outstanding Educator in Higher Education from the Art Education Association of Indiana in 1995, Muncie Community Schools Educator of the Year in 2004, and the Art Education Association of Indiana Distinguished Fellow, 2005.