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Kyle Rees has been working with ceramics for more than a dozen years. Inspired by “melting ice cream and Lava,” he keeps his imagination alive through artwork.

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Rees grew up in Daleville, Indiana and  graduated from Ball State University, where he majored in Art Education and discovered his profound love for the pottery wheel. In 2013 Rees received a Masters of Fine Arts in Ceramics from East Carolina University. Today, Rees is an art teacher at Wapahani High School in Selma, Indiana.

Rees continues to create his own artwork that is shown in galleries across the country. At home in Yorktown, Indiana, he works in his own studio where he is inspired by his three children and spouse. Although working from home has its benefits, finding sufficient time to focus solely on one project, without any distractions, is a large obstacle.

Rees sketches out his ideas before he begins to work with the raw materials. Then he designs multiple versions of each project in clay until the less successful attempts are tossed, and the “winners” remain to be completed. Each piece is tested for functionality.  This process has become a crucial part of his philosophy for how ceramic art objects can be used in an aesthetic and utilitarian fashion.