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John Peterson is largely responsible for the rich tradition of ceramics in East Central Indiana for nearly 50 years.  In 1968 he established the well known Bethel Pike Pottery with Alan Patrick and David Cayton.  The Pottery remained in business until 2006 and inspired a book by Ned Griner in 1996 titled The Bethel Pike Pottery: The First Thirty Years.   Following that he founded the John Peterson Pottery where he continues to make unique and useful ceramics.  The studio includes a school where he has taught generations of student potters of all skill levels.

He studied at Ball State University under Marvin Reichle.  He was later influenced by Byron Temple of Centerville, Indiana who had a large pottery in Lambertville, New Jersey and was one of the central figures of the Crafts Movement of the late 1960’s.

Functionality is key for Peterson.  He says that he learned to combine what he enjoys creating into products that are useful.  “I have spent my career trying to make honest, straightforward work,” he says.  Peterson hopes his customers get joy out of his pots.

In 2017 he was recognized with a Muncie Mayor’s Arts Award for “Artist in the Community,” which recognizes artistic excellence and singular efforts in contributing to Muncie’s cultural vitality.