Sue Beach

Sue Beach’s love of pottery began when she started collecting the work of other potters wherever she traveled. In 1998, she had the opportunity to take a pottery class at Gordy’s Art Mart, and her love for clay blossomed into a passion.

Beautiful objects should be used and enjoyed every day.  It is satisfying to me to know that my work brings the joy and beauty of handmade pottery into the lives of others.

When the class at Gordy’s ended, Sue was privileged to spend several years as a student of Marvin Reichle in a small master class that he was teaching. She currently studies with Albany, Indiana potter, John Peterson.

Sue creates her BeachWare pottery in her studio in rural Delaware County, Indiana. Her wheel-thrown pieces are made on a kick-wheel designed and built by her husband, Ron. She also makes hand-built and extruded pieces. She develops and mixes her own glazes and loves to experiment with new forms, colors, and techniques.

A founding member of the former ArtWorks Co-Op, she is a member of the Potter’s Council and active in the on-line ceramics discussion group, Clay-Art. Her work has been displayed at the Minnetrista Cultural Center, F.B. Fogg, and Mitchell Place Gallery.